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The End Will Be Spectacular Ji Bo Azadiyê online Film

The End Will Be Spectacular Ji Bo Azadiyê

The End Will Be Spectacular (Ji Bo Azadiyê)

Directed by Ersin Çelik

War feature shot in the Kurdistan of Syria, in the middle of the armed conflict. The film tells the real story of resistance of a group of young people who faced the army to defend their neighborhood and it is written based on the diaries of those who died and the testimony of the survivors, who also act in the film. The protagonist is Zilan, a young woman who returns to her hometown looking for the memory of her dead brother, to find herself involved in a violent fight against the police and the army. The film explores universal concepts such as hope, friendship, sacrifice, and loss in the struggle for freedom of a group of young people.


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After her brother's death in the hands of ISIS, Zilan returns to her natal city, where the people's demonstrations are receiving brutal repression. In the fight for her people's freedom, she will not remain a passive witness.