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Top 7 horror movies you will not sleep after watching them


When is the last time you saw a horror movie? In this article, I will give you a list of the 7 strongest and best horror movies that you will not sleep after watching them, films that have won several international awards. Without any length, let's start on the list

7- Overlord

This movie is produced by “J. J. Abrams,” this movie has proven itself to be one of the best horror works of 2018 as it mixed with a mixture of horror and action in a very interesting and mysterious way. One of the most amazing horror movies that will inject adrenaline into thrills and suspense over an hour and 50 minutes.

The story and events of the film take place during the period of World War II and renewed when the war between Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers was at its height, so a group of American paratroopers found a set of Nazi experiments that transformed soldiers into strange supernatural creatures who crossed the limits of imagination and whose aim was to fight The Allied Powers and conquering their soldiers,

Watch a small clip from this movie

6- Apostle

One of the films that beautifully combine horror, exotic and mystery, drama and fantasy. After watching the movie, it will leave you confused about many coded and unclear matters, so it will require some imagination from you to try to explain some of its events and revelations that will leave your mind in action throughout the film.

The events of the film revolve around the year 1905 about a person who is unstable in his life due to his miserable and unjust past, as he embarks on a dangerous journey in order to save his sister, who found herself stuck with a sinister religious sect on an isolated island from the world and there begins the thrilling body of the film.

Apostle movie trailer on YouTube

5- The Nun

The Nun was one of the most famous horror films, the most important terrifying character in the movie is The Nun or what is called Valak. The very film is the story of a Christian priest named Father Burke who is sent by the Vatican to Romania in order to investigate the mysterious death of a nun.

The Nun represented a very frightening picture in the short and powerful glances that she made during various films in the world of The Conjuring films with her facial features and cheeks protruding like daggers from her pale white skin.

The film is set inside a remote and ancient monastery in Romania. The nun kidnaps you with the dread that surrounds her, and what adds to the horror of the movie is the image of stone corridors lit with candles and fog enveloping the floors, and this atmosphere creates a feeling of inevitable ominous and cursing.

One of the little and little known information about this movie is that on June 13, 2018, the first trailer for the movie was shown and posted on YouTube. But because the movie has a very fast scary jump, which is considered this kind of terrifying jumps, which violates the policies and channels of YouTube. YouTube administration decided to delete this triller.

4- The Mist

One of the favorite movies of many people who love horror movies. It is considered in the list of the best American horror films and is based on the novel by Stephen King. Its events revolve around the people of a city taking refuge in an ordinary store after a strange fog-covered one of the states in which they live. This forces the responsible government to completely close roads and all outlets for this state. Meanwhile, the movie's protagonist was locked up in the supermarket with his only son, who had gone out shopping. To watch together with a friend of the hero. Misty waves are everywhere around them,

And here begins the horrific events of the movie. Everyone discovers that this fog, which appears to be an ordinary fog, is in fact not an ordinary fog at all. Something frightening and terrifying in the midst of the best watching the movie.

The horror movie trailer The Mis on YouTube

3- The Ritual

This movie is also among the best horror films released in 2018. What made this movie special from other movies is that it is not only scary, but its story is innovative and unusual. As the director does not focus on making it terrifying only, but rather its plot and interconnection with all the moments of the film from beginning to end. This is what made the film ranks very high on the rating among viewers and critics.

Add to that the place where the events take place, which was very strange and frightening. His story revolves around a group of friends who meet to make a trip to the mountains and forests in northern Sweden. Unfortunately, they fall into the trap of a demon that turns their journey into hell. And he wasn't chasing after them without a reason. Rather, each of these characters has committed something terrible in their life in the past.

Trailer, The Ritual, on YouTube

2- A Quiet Place

The movie "A Quiet Place" or a quiet place. It is a science-fiction thriller movie. This is actually my favorite type. The film revolves around the story of the annihilation of all humankind except for one family, and the domination of the world, blind predators, who are attracted to very small sound vibrations.

The beautiful thing about this movie, which differed from all films that depend on survival, i.e. the annihilation of humans and the survival of a small percentage of people trying to appeal is that this film came with a terrifying innovative idea that burns nerves. Because the only way to stay is to remain silent and silent, and even your breathing is measured without any sound

Therefore, the film revolves around in complete silence, because of the reason for the sound that attracts predatory creatures, and for this, it was necessary for the family to live in complete calm, beware that they make any sounds even if they are faint. To communicate with each other, gave the acting tremendous space to be the real hero.

Horror movie trailer, A Quiet Place, on YouTube

1- Hereditary

And now to the movie "The Rank to the First" Hereditary horror film. Most critics agreed, when it was shown for the first time that it is a psychologically terrifying cinematic experience that you will never forget, and the events of the film will remain in your mind for years of your life.

The story of Hereditary is set in tragic events when the great-grandmother of the Graham family passes away, revealing to her daughter's family hidden and terrifying secrets related to their ancestry and family tree. The more they delved into the past, researching their past, the more shocked and fearful they became.

Critics' opinions about the Hereditary horror movie

One critic says about the movie: I am not the type to be afraid of horror films. I grew up watching and loving them greatly, but it rarely affects me, and I always say to myself: “This is nothing but an acting movie and nothing behind it” until I watched the movie Hereditary last night, where it put me in a state of deep distress, my hands were sweating and my breathing was dim ... This is not a horror movie, this is the emotional and emotional terror that leaves you in a disturbed psychological state.

Another critic said that when the film is officially released, it will win a large percentage of the audience, not because it is only a horror movie, as many films that have become released in recent years are promoted and in the end, you find them normal, but because the film has the ability and capabilities to scare you without even promoting So.

From Bloody Disgusting, critics said that Hereditary is a look at how families deal with grief and grief and how others can use this against them. After spending about an hour watching the movie with this family during the most vulnerable time of their lives, the horror becomes more real. As a spectator, you become more attached to them. This is what makes the horror in Hereditary so effective and poignant. It's the kind that exhausts the nerves psychologically.

Hereditary trailer on YouTube

The important thing is, beware of watching the movie at night so that you do not lose your temper and do not work in Superman and the hero who is not afraid, and then, in the end, you sleep with wet pants, I am not joking, but the movie is really crazy and for this reason, I put it on top of the list as millions of people who watched the movie did, it makes you wonder About the fate of the story at every step until the last details are revealed to you. And as soon as the story is completed, the dark journey becomes more clear, but there you will feel a strange feeling that will prompt you to watch the movie again to start solving confusing puzzles.

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