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The matrix hypothesis is one of the strangest hypotheses in the world


The matrix

Have you ever asked what if we were living in a video game? What if our life was a simulation in a computer of a superintelligent alien? These creatures are very sophisticated and they are watching us from afar. In this video, I will tell you a very strange hypothesis, and the strangest thing is that they have followers among the ranks of Western scientists.

Just to be aware, I will steal the film's story from you. God, we start and see what the Matrix story is.

It may seem that the idea that we live in a device or machine as sophisticated as a supercomputer is very far from reality and only stems from a person accustomed to his mother's bedtime stories, but the idea has been admired by many atheist scholars in the world as well as book authors and film directors and the most famous movie that proposed the idea of the matrix is The Matrix movie This movie is, in fact, one of the most iconic films in the world, placed alongside Titanic and other immortal films.

The Matrix series is a three-part film, the first part, The Matrix 1999, the second and third parts, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions, released in 2003. The film was internationally famous and considered among the most successful film series in Hollywood history, and the main hero of this film is the actor. Beloved Keanu Rivers.

The story of the movie revolves around a person who works as a computer programmer, but upon completion of his work, he turns into a hacker named New Neo who always felt that the world in which he lives in something wrong, a world tainted with suspicion, one day he receives a call from a person he does not know named Morphis Morpheus told him Yes, what he was feeling was actually a real thing, as the world in which he lives is strange because it is a hypothetical world that is not real and does not exist except in his mind a fake world invented by machines with artificial intelligence to take advantage of human energy. Here, Morpheus offers New the answer to the question that puzzled him and tries to recruit him to move to the real world to join the revolutionaries.

Indeed, Neo organizes a group of revolutionaries and moves from his world, in which he works as a computer programmer, to another strange and mysterious world, as if it were a huge farm that does not end. This farm does not produce any type of fruit or vegetables, but rather what you grow is human beings for use as energy sources for super-intelligent machines. These mechanisms, in the beginning, were Helping humans, then surpassed them, to eventually be able to fully control human minds.

With the succession of events, New discovers that he lives in the year 2199 AD, that is, 180 years from now in the future. In that year, a fierce war will take place between the machines that control the world of Matrix and the free humans that these machines could not control, so they formed a revolutionary front to confront these machines These smart machines were based on one main energy source, which is the sun, but the human revolutionaries cleverly blocked the sun, so the machines could no longer find any energy source. But these are machines of the same intensity that they were able to invent a new hellish way to extract energy, which is by building huge farms filled with incubators, each incubator contains a human embryo and all these embryos are linked to a very the huge computer that absorbs energy from them, as the human embryo has become the only source of energy for these machines.

In order for these embryos not to get out of control one day when they grow up and become adult and mature human being, malicious machines have linked them with an interactive program. Real when, in fact, he is implanted in a lifelong incubator, he does not move. And this world that that human lives on that farm in his mind are the Matrix or the Matrix.

This fictional idea moved from science fiction movies and books to the actual scientific community, where some Western scientists became somewhat supportive of the idea, including Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford Nick Bostrom This person put his idea and hypothesis in a research paper entitled "Do we live in a computer simulation?"

The hypothesis sheds light on three basic points

The first point: a person can never simulate his ancestors, and the rate of doing this simulation is zero because he can become extinct before he reaches the necessary technology that will allow him to create simulations.

The second point: It is possible that humanity will have access to sufficient technologies to create simulations of their ancestors, but the motives that will push them to do this plan are not present or they will not be interested in the matter at all.

The third point is that mankind will actually be able to access the necessary technologies and will be able to actually perform simulations of enormous dimensions, and if this assumption is fulfilled, it is possible that the day on which this hypothesis will be fulfilled, it is possible that our life now is that simulation and we live inside it now? Of course, this is what this philosopher says.

This professor tells the British Lad Bible website: “If we imagine that science and technology continue to expand and reach a state of maturity; We can realize that at this point it might be easy to create a detailed computer simulation of people like their ancestors, and it wouldn't be different from the original reality. ”

In my personal opinion and the opinions of millions of people, including great scientists as well, this idea is nothing but a seashore of some people. These scientists support the idea that our life is nothing but a video game. Their brain is ready to believe and actually believe that this world was created by a space pig in a galaxy, so why not? Also, these people suffer from the complexity of meaning and delusion of life. Most of them do not see in life any goal or meaning because they built their convictions, perceptions, and ideas all on a pure material basis, which is nothing but wombs that push and land swallow.

Now I will give you some strange facts about this movie that you may hear for the first time

1 - Did you know that Johnny Depp was basically the chosen character to play the role of Neo, as the two directors planned to give the role of the hero to Johnny Depp because he was more in line with the idea of the film and offered the role to four other actors who all refused the role, they are "Will Smith" and "Nicholas" Cage, Val Kilmer and Brad Pitt, but all rejected him, and in the end, the selection of “Keno Reeves” was imposed from the studio's producers on the directors.

2 - The second information is a few of the people who noticed it, especially those who watched the movie. I did not notice the matter until after I searched on the Internet. This information or note is found in the passport of Keanu Reeves or the hero Neo, because the passport of "New" expires in The movie is dated September 11, 2001. The passport shot of Twotney appeared only when Agent Smith was looking at some papers during the investigation scene, which showed that his New passport was issued on September 12, 1991, and ends on the same day that the two international trade jets were bombed in New York.

3- The third personal information that Neo communicated with and convinced him of leaving the world of Matrix to the real world is a character named Morpheus, who is the leader of a group of revolutionaries that fight the control of machines, and Morpheus in Greek mythology is considered the god of dreams and he is one of the sons of Hypnos, the god of sleep, and the role played by a character "Morpheus" in the movie is to wake people from the world of the matrix to the real real world, but in fact, this role is the exact opposite of what Morpheus used to do in Greek mythology and mythology.