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The legendary escape from the hardest prison in the world, Alcatraz


There is no prison in the world that has gained fame as a prison called Alcatraz took it in America to the extent that it is from the influential popular sayings about this prison saying, “Whoever violates the rules of society is thrown into prison, and whoever breaks the prison rules is thrown into (Alcatraz).” An indication, however, that it is the final cemetery of all criminals, and in this particular prison, the most famous escape operation took place, still to this day, for a mysterious pride, and it is said that it is the first successful escape operation in American history, and several films have been created about it.

Now I'll give you a strange story

Alcatraz prison was initially established as a military prison and then turned into the US Prison Service in 1934 CE and was called the "mother of American prisons" and was known to be the only prison in the world from which it is impossible to escape, and the prison in which the giants of criminals who pose the greatest threat to society are kept from other criminals. Caged guerrillas as well as mafia leaders in America.

The prison was built on a very strange island, the name of the island is Alcatraz, hence the name of the prison. This island is a phrase on a giant rocky mass of approximately 890 square meters, located in the San Francisco Bay, a bay known as, e, full of sharks. In the beginning, the island was the property of Mexico, but after In 1847, the California government decided to purchase it, to build a lighthouse on it.

Life on the island was impossible, so no human has ever inhabited it, and even animals and plants find it difficult to live there. The reason is the high salinity of marine water there and almost the lack of freshwater for drinking. Even the soil was not suitable for any type of agriculture, it preferred deserted.

Because America in the twentieth century was full of crimes, especially the crimes of the mafia and gangs, still today, but that period was more, especially in the thirties of the twentieth century.

To the extent that the prisons themselves were full of crimes, gangs, and the mafia, wherever you put those criminals in revolt, think carefully. Accordingly, the federal authorities decided to turn Alcatraz Island into a disciplinary prison for criminals, gang members, and windsurfers and anyone who refuses to obey orders to be raised again and among the most famous prisoners who entered Alcatraz, "Al Capone", one of the dangers of the American mafia, for which we can devote a whole episode, and also "Machin" Gan Kelly, “I know that some will go there thinking to Machine Gan Kelly, the owner of Dis Track, against Eminem, but this rapper took his name from this person, and also“ Whitty Bulger ”, who is also one of the most famous American gangsters and most of his crimes are murder.

The most important reason for establishing that prison on that island is for the prisoner to forget the idea of ​​escaping, and he wipes it out of his imagination once and for all because it is almost impossible, and he accepts the fait accompli, and the reason why escape is impossible is very simple. On the way, in addition, the prison is built on a rocky enclosure and its geographic nature is very harsh, which makes the hostel a matter of life or death in addition, but it is surrounded on all sides by six watchtowers day and night and an armed force consisting of 90 guards equipped with the latest types of weapons and they have the legal right to kill any One prisoner trying to escape from the other.

Forget the better escape process

On August 11, 1934, the first group of criminals arrived at this prison

This is what they thought. They thought that these criminals would never consider escaping, but the reality was very strange. There were 36 prisoners who tried to escape in more than one attempt and geas what.

5 They are lost at sea, and eight others are dead, and two prisoners are executed for killing guards in an attempt to escape.

But the prison did not retain its prestige for a long time because it had a surprise date, and this surprise is what will make it the most famous prison in the world. The surprise is the process of the smartest escape from a prison that comes today, but the most famous escape attempt is the one that was embodied in the movie Escape From Alcatraz, which is to escape from Alcatraz.

The prison escape plan was very clever before I gave you the infernal plan that they were able to escape with when I was reading about the plan. Something strange came into my mind. It is like a thought or contemplation. This thing is how God made freedom a sacred thing in the human soul and in the soul of every creature freedom is something It is not measured at any price, even for criminals, whose goal towards freedom is to make them occupy their minds and all the thinking and calculation energy, planning and studying probabilities actually means something amazing, and this is a criminal, and this is the strongest evidence of the absurdity of the idea that a person is not free in his choices, but is only guided by genes and not Freedom for him in his actions.

The important escape plan was orchestrated by Frank Morris and the Anglin John W.Clarence AnglinC
The plan was derived from the geographic nature of the island itself, so imagine with me that they took advantage of the worst of the island for their benefit, as I told you at the beginning. The island was difficult a. Life arises in it because of the excess salt in the sea and even that salinity moved to the soil and the soil became very salty. The salinity is very high, so this salinity will affect the walls of the prison, and indeed their plan was based on a hole in the wall of the cell, and the tools were only eating spoons, and in order not to notice who took the hole, they would cover it with clothes or any kind of cloth, and then they would divide the work among themselves a group that would watch and a group that would dig after The digging was over. They made doll heads from wax and soap in order to put them under the beds to disguise the guards while they were passing by the cell, and no one noticed their disappearance. They also brought some marine survival jackets to make wool from which they would sail outside the island.

And in one of the dark nights, everyone decided that it was the perfect place to escape, and that was what they all went out and out of the hole they had made in the wall, climbed up the drain pipes, and got out of the distraction hole.

And indeed, they managed to escape

He was turned off the next morning, and as is customary in the prison and in all the prisons of the world, all the prison inmates are gathered, but it was discovered that three prisoners were not present and that they escaped, and what was in the navel, the real one is only dolls of wax and soap, of course, the police and the guards were in shock and a reward was offered ' Very large financial for those who find them or report them and the search continued for months but without a trace of any of them.

The conclusion was made that they died and the sea ate their corpses, to close the issue of their escape permanently, and to close the Alcatraz prison is also to turn into a tourist teacher visited by tourists from all over the world.

This escape story is considered a successful escape in the entire history of the prison, and it is still to this day the case of their escape is very mysterious and everyone thought that they died except one of the days when a picture will be published that will shock everyone, and specifically it shocked the investigators and the FBI for their belief and belief that they really died at sea and the photo was kept. It is a picture of the two brothers who escaped from prison in 1962, which actually confirmed the fact that they were alive, and it is possible that they were living on a farm in Brazil in 1975. In a documentary film broadcast on the "History" channel, the sons of one of the escapees' brothers presented this picture, which I turned everything into.

This incident and the ambiguity that revolved around it made Hollywood producers and directors very excited. Indeed, a movie was made based on the story of the Alcatraz prison escape and the name of the film is "Escape from Alcatraz", which starred the famous actress "Clint Eastwood" in 1979. Also, another movie, which is: Birdman of Alcatraz, which revolves around the famous Alcatraz inmate, Robert Stroud. And a long list of films that O is either filmed in Alcatraz or inspired by events, for example.

Murder in the First (1995)

Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

Birdman of Alcatraz (1962)

Point Blank (1967)

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Slaughterhouse Rock (1988)

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