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Prism, the most dangerous spyware in the world

the beginning

The biggest spying scandal in the world that caused a great and dangerous diplomatic crisis. The hero of this scandal or the person who exposed this scandal is a 29-year-old American whose name is Edward Snowden, and this scandal was using a malicious spyware program.

In May 2013, after years of work in the CIA and throughout his work, he discovered terrifying things happening behind the scenes. He was watching and hearing him, he was actually thinking about revealing the truth of espionage to the world despite the amount of risk and sacrifice that he would make, so he decided to take a sick leave from his work to flee directly to Hong Kong, where he had arranged a meeting with a journalist in the British newspaper The Guardian in a hotel in Hong Kong, And in June 2013, the video interview was published and confidential information and documents were published to the whole world. Snowden revealed that America was spying on millions of phones and computers in America and outside America around the clock without the knowledge of their owners and everything was recorded in sound and image and all this information was collected by a malicious spy program called PRISM.


Prism is a symbolic name for a huge espionage project run by the US National Security Agency (NSA), and Prism is an acronym for Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management. This program was revealed by the Washington Post and the British Guardian newspapers in the leaks caused by Snowden, and America did not deny the existence of this program. It considered disclosing it a crime of national treason and condemned its disclosure.

The "Prism" espionage project was established in 2007 and in complete secrecy during the term of President George Bush. The project is a program bearing the name of PRISM and has the ability to access major international companies without anyone knowing. Using the Prism program, the US National Security Agency was able to obtain accurate and sensitive information for millions of people. As it enables it to obtain all the information that the Internet companies have, such as the history of conversations, pictures, videos, names, files sent, voice and video calls, etc. and everything, frankly, if you live in America and you were the one who used this program on them so believe me Your snoring was hearing it without exaggeration. If you watch the movie, I swear to you, your brain will explode from what you will see. The program used to record even the user's entry and exit times (Realtime), meaning at the same moment.

The most giant companies targeted by this program are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple AOL, YouTube, and Skype. I mean, imagine the largest social media companies were in the hands of the CIA agents.

Of course, the US official reactions were very quick. The Director of US National Intelligence, James Clapper, denied that "Prism" was a secret spyware program to collect information and confirmed that it is an internal government computer system used to "facilitate" the way the government handles the information it collects from telecommunications service providers, and the project Legal "does not target US citizens with the goal of keeping them safe."

Immediately after the information was leaked by The Guardian, the newspaper decided to communicate with these large companies, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and all whose names were mentioned in the documents to prove or deny their knowledge of this spyware.

But the surprising thing is that most of the companies that the Guardian corresponded with about this project denied knowing in any way about the Prism program and had not heard about it before, and published all the responses that came from the executives of these companies.

Facebook said

For example, Facebook said in the words of its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

“Facebook is not and has never been a part of any program to give the United States or any other government direct access to our servers. We have never received a blanket request or court order from any government agency that requests information or metadata as massively as the requests Verizon previously received. And if we did, we would fight it hard. We didn't even hear about this Prism before yesterday. ”“ We strongly encourage all governments to be more transparent about all programs aimed at keeping users safe. It is the only way to protect civil liberties for everyone and create a safe and free society that we all want in the long term. ”

Google said

Google said in a blog post titled "What ...?" By Larry Page, Google co-founder and chief legal officer David Drummond, "the level of confidentiality" around US surveillance measures undermines "the freedoms we all hold dear.". First, we have not joined any program that would give the United States government - or any other government - direct access to our servers. In fact, the US government does not have direct or "back door" access to the information stored in our data centers and we have not heard of a program called Prism before until yesterday. "

"Second, we provide user data to governments only according to the law. Our team reviews every request legally, and all requests are rejected when the information request is comprehensive or does not follow the correct procedure."

Microsoft said:

We provide user data and information to governments only upon obtaining request, permission, and legal permission. In addition, we only respond to requests regarding specific accounts or parties. If the government has a large voluntary national security program to collect user data, we don't participate in it.

Apple said:

As for Apple, it said after the documents were leaked:
"Apple has never worked with the National Security Agency to create a backdoor in any of our products and services, including the iPhone." “Additionally, we were not aware of the alleged NSA program Prism targeting Apple. We care deeply about our customers' privacy and safety. ”

Obama, when he was president of America, i.e. in his state, this scandal was exposed, he acknowledged the existence of this program and defended it strongly as a weapon for "fighting terrorism" and all the programs used by the National Security Agency did not violate the law, but on the contrary, they were approved by Congress and reviewed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and said that The collection of telephone data by the security authorities does not include the names or contents of the calls, and that censoring US websites. It does not apply to US citizens nor residents of the United States of America.

Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency under Obama, said in his testimony before a congressional committee, that “more than 50 terrorist plots have been thwarted since 2001 thanks to US intelligence efforts, including plots to bomb the New York and metro ship.

After Snowden published classified documents, especially his disclosure of the Prism spyware program, many people called him a traitor, while 40 percent according to the Guardian poll considered him a hero when he gave up a job that earned him $ 200,000 annually and a stable work environment, and fled to Hong Kong, to leak his papers from over there.

The strange thing that happened is that one of the books, in parallel with the espionage scandal, witnessed a sharp increase in its sales, specifically in America. This book is "1984". For George Orwell, who published this book 66 years ago, although it is more than half a century old, he speaks completely about what happened in these leaks.

The famous phrase in the novel "1984", which is: "Big Brother is Watching You," was the first phrase that came to the mind of everyone who had read the information that Edward Snowden leaked to the American Washington Post and the British Guardian.