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Pablo Escobar, drug messi, or if you will, cocaine owner, Pablo Emilio Escobar Javiria.


A famous saying roaming in social media, but the vast majority do not know who said it. Nobody gets rich at work from eight in the morning until five in the evening. So try to forget this quote by Pablo Escobar and never work with it.

And also Escobar said a saying the world will not forget. I exchanged everything in my life but couldn't replace my wife. This means that no matter how strong and criminal you are, you will remain weak with your loved one.

Who is Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar, whom Messi does not know, is the most famous drug ever. How not when you hear the word cocaine, he is the first person that springs to your mind. And some may remember it when he mentioned the word Colombia.

Ears, let's get to know Baron Pablo. Boy Pablo Escobar On the first of December 1949 in the city of Río Negro, Colombia, Pablo’s son was a farmer and his mother was a teacher in an elementary school.

Pablo Escobar and his wife

Pablo Escobar and his wife

When did Pablo's criminal character start?

Pablo's criminal personality began to clear from his young age. Where he used to steal the graves in order to resell them, and during his youth, he studied at the university for a short period. In his twenties, Pablo carried out many criminal acts

Selling cigarettes, selling fraudulent lottery papers, and stealing cars. So he worked as a bodyguard. He even obtained a large ransom for his kidnapping of someone in Medellin.

When did Pablo Escobar start trading cocaine?

Pablo Escobar began his investment in cocaine in 1975, by sending a plane loaded with drugs to the United States of America. In an anonymous article published in Colombia, Pablo Escobar recounts his start in the world of drugs, crime, and cocaine. He said in this article I was an ambitious young man with a desire for Life. I did not know anything about drug trafficking before I accepted the American man in one of the Medellin cabins and he owned a private plane. This man wanted to buy cocaine, and I was the one who gave it to me, and I passed it to the cocaine specialists.

From that moment on I fell in love with this trade and without feeling myself found myself attached to it. Thus was the beginning of Pablo Escobar's career in the world of criminality and trade in contraband, drugs, and cocaine.

The problem caused by Pablo Escobar

Escobar was arrested in May 1975, but the police were bribed after that, he was released and the case closed. After that, bribery and killing of officials became his daily routine as if he was eating lunch.

Pablo began building a transportation network in both South Florida and California. He and one of his associates bought Norman Cay in the Bahamas. They built a landing pad on it from which to take off a large amount of cocaine. It is estimated at 70 to 80 tons per month.

On her way to the United States of America. Escobar killed a thousand innocent people, including policemen and state employees. With his own hands, he killed about 100 people. He is responsible for the assassination of the Colombian political candidate, Luis Carlos Galan, in 1989.

How was the end of Pablo Escobar?

When the administration of Colombian President Cesar Gaviria began to put pressure on the drug cartel. I was able to negotiate with Pablo with the advantage of a reduced and distinct sentence. Pablo agreed to their offer. He was in a pride prison and he was practicing his work from inside the prison. This thing did not satisfy the government and then transferred him to another prison. But he escaped from that prison on June 22, 1992.

After a long period of time and expensive research, the ability of the Colombian authority in cooperation with the American authority. Pablo was found in a slum in Medellin after talking prolonged on the phone with his family. After trying to escape, they shot him to death, ending his life full of criminal acts. On the second day of December 1993, just a day after his 44th birthday.