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Motivational movies that may change your perception of life


Yesterday I finished watching one of Amir Khan's films, and it was a movie in all its mythical sense. I was watching a movie. It was a very wonderful and motivational movie, and I said to myself, maybe it is a good idea to write an article about motivational films that deserve to be watched. Some of these films are true stories of giant companies now.

1 The Social Network

In the year 2003, there was a computer programming student at Harvard University. This student had a story with a girl named Erica. This girl left him because of his bad dealings with her and his always criticizing the way she spoke and behaved. Otherwise, one day they were at the table eating food talking and started as usual criticizing how she spoke, but she did not like her. The matter stood up and left this young man, he did not like it, he felt a kind of anger inside him because she left him.

So he had an idea with his friend who lives with him in the room, the bad one was evil and weird. The idea is to create a website to compare Harvard students with farm animals, but they changed the idea to compare the university students with one another and the comparison is in beauty, attractiveness, and ... and with each picture of a student, they will put a picture, data, and information About each student, and in order to bring this information, what did he do? The young man penetrated the students ’databases on the university’s website and uploaded all the pictures, names, information, phone numbers, addresses, and all the information and downloaded that information on the site he created. The site was very exciting for young people. A site for comparing students and testing the most beautiful. They liked the idea. So they began to send the website link to each other and from the pressure that occurred to the site, the university's servers were disrupted due to the large number of students entering this site, as the number of site visits reached in the first 22 hours for more than 20 thousand visits.

Overnight, that young man became famous at the university, and of course, all Harvard University students became bothered by him, and because of his penetration of the university's website, and after they discovered the matter, that young man was suspended from studying for a period of 6 months as a punishment for what he did, but that young man liked it and did not care to stop him from studying, so he developed the site more And more and over the years, more than half of the world's population uses its location.

Do you know who the guy is talking to that young man is Mark Zuckerburg and that site is Facebook? This story I told you is a very light part of the movie The Social Network that was produced in 2010 and the film revolves around the story of the founding of Facebook and how Mark succeeded in expanding his site to Yash The entire planet is really an exciting and exciting movie, and most importantly, a movie that motivates adherence to goals and perseverance in order to achieve them.

2 The Pursuit of Happyness

The story of the movie revolves around a person named Chris, this person who decided to invest all his money in buying a medical device that is used to identify the extent of bone hardness and density. He tries in every way. His money is in a project and this project failed, and for this reason, his wife abandoned and was evicted from his home because he was no longer able to pay the rent and stayed with his five-year-old son.

This was the beginning of the movie Searching for Happiness. In fact, many of you saw the poster of this movie and many of you know it. It is a sad dramatic film on one side and a catalyst on the other side that shows you how, Chris, despite all the misfortunes he went through from his expulsion from his home to his wife abandoning him If he goes to prison because he did not pay for the train tickets to sleep in the street with the homeless and his son is sleeping on his lap for a ton at the end, you will feel that the film will give you a strange motivational enthusiasm and I am sure that if you do not see it yet, you will like it.

And only as a mention of the true story and events of the film, which happened to businessman Christopher Gardiner. This person wrote a book in which he tells his story in detail, and the book has the same title like The Pursuit of Happiness, and after the book spread widely, it was converted into a film directed by Italian Gabriel Mukono,

3 Idiots 2009

This movie is really the three splendor. Indeed, whoever hasn't seen this movie should see it, my advice.

The story of the film depends mainly on stimulation in a comic cover. The events of the film revolve around three friends studying with each other at the College of Engineering, the first-named Madhavan and this person does not basically want to be neither an engineer nor a sluggard. His dream is to be a photographer. He loves photography Why did he go to the College of Engineering? He himself does not know.

The second friend is Sherman Joshi. He is also not interested in engineering. All he has in mind is to work to save his poor family, which is floating in the lake of poverty and does not think about engineering at all.

The only friend among the three friends who really need engineering and wants to study it is Amir Khan. At the end of the film, you will see the big surprise about the student Amir Khan and his truth. A motivational film that really lets you think so your goal is and you love and work hard to achieve it. One of the most important ideas in the film in addition to motivation is that he criticizes the method of education. The old, outdated, and many countries still adopt this method of education.

4 A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, who loves to read, will know his name. He is one of the greatest English writers if Dickens is not the most famous of them.

A thousand novels called A Christmas Carol, issued in 1843 AD, this novel when it was published, has spread very terribly and so far. Perhaps this novel is considered one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens to a degree. It turned into a film and a movie or animation. You may have heard of it. This movie is Ebenezer Scrooge, and he is Ebenezer Scrooge, who is an impolite and miserly old man who hates charity, rude, hard-hearted, devoid of feelings, greed, greed, and an anti-social person who does not make friends or have friends. All he cares about is himself, he has never had many friends in his life except for a colleague at work with the same characteristics as Scrooge, who died years before the beginning of the story of the movie.

The very nice thing about the movie is that Scrooge will start to get strange things with him, and their beginnings are when he meets three ghosts, the ghost of last Christmas, the ghost of the present Christmas, and the ghost of the future Christmas. These ghosts and spirits will start to warn him of what might happen to him after death because of his bad deeds such as greed and greed. Miserliness and cruelty of heart.

And here the suspense will begin in the movie, I really recommend it