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Japan's most terrifying legend


Japan is completely different from what you hear on YouTube and the media than that it is a bright angelic planet without evil or imbalance. Japan, like any country in the world, has a good and bad side, and it also has its myths, myths, and frightening stories.

1 - The Human-faced Dog (Jinmenken)

In the first part, most of the myths were women, and frankly, I do not know the reason. As for this myth, it is an animal, but it has a human touch. It is a dog with a human face with sunken eyes and gloomy features.

This myth dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Japanese historian Ishizuka Hoshi talked about it in a book that he wrote about his story with this creature when he saw one of them in a secret show in 1810 CE when one of them was caught and sold to the owner of the circus who made a lot of money from his show.

These dogs are very famous for their ability to punch like humans and they are known to be a bad omen just like the crow or owls, where it is said that if you see this dog in the neighborhood, put your tail between your teeth and run, many Japanese if a problem or accident happened with them, they blame this strange creature But it is well-known about her that if you approached her, she would ask you to leave her alone. Some people say that they have seen her chase cars on the highways, and her speed may reach 100 km per hour. Most of the places she hides are garbage bins.

Some believe that these creatures are nothing but the spirits of dogs that died due to being run over by cars, and some interpretations of the same myth say that they are just evil spirits incarnated in the form of dogs, and others say that these creatures may be the product of some forbidden scientific experiments in secret laboratories whose whereabouts no one knows.

2 - Teke Teke

Tiki-Tikki is a scary Japanese legend that revolves around a beautiful girl and in some accounts, it says that she is a schoolgirl.

Known as Kashima Rikku from Hokkaido, the important thing is that one day this girl was going on her way and crossed the railway. It happened that the train was passing at the same time. Quickly. A railway worker spotted her. Instead of trying to help her, a station worker covered her with a plastic bag, causing her to die a slow, agonizing death.

Tiki-Tikki is portrayed as having a long scythe and sharp claws that it uses to pull its upper part cut onto the ground, hence the legend called tiki-tiki because of the sound it makes while "walking" and carrying the sickle.

According to legend, three days after hearing this story, you will see the ghost of a woman without half of her lower body. The ghost of this girl will chase you and try to catch you and it is said that escaping from her is impossible even if you are in a car because its speed as it crawls may reach 150 km per hour.

Part of the story says that the girl’s ghost seeks revenge against people and hunts people to tear them in half in order to become like a girl with half a body. Some say that the ghost is looking for her lost legs on the day she was hit by a train.

There are many versions of the story of this girl, and the story differs from one region to another in Japan. There are those who say that this girl was not killed by accident, but that her death was a suicide.

There is a similar Japanese legend that tells about a girl named (Kashima Raiku), and her name is an abbreviation for the phrase "Dead Devil with the Mask". It is said that some of the men raped her and tortured her severely, and when she tried to find someone to help her, she fell exhausted over the railroad tracks and the train came and divided her in half... And her soul appears in the public toilets asking: Where are my feet? ... If you answer the wrong answer, you will end up cut in half. You have to tell her that her feet are at Mishin railway station and if I ask you who told you? I answered, saying, "Kashima Raiku was the one who told me ... She might leave you alone at the time."

3 - The Ghost in Red (AKA MANTO)

Aka Manto, known as the one in red, is a Greek myth that tells about a malicious satanic spirit that chases and hunts people in public bathrooms, specifically women's bathrooms in public schools.

Recording: This character before dying and resurrected as a ghost was a handsome young man who studies in high school and was known in school for wearing red balloon clothes and because of his beautiful and attractive appearance, girls in high school admired him and they chased him constantly.

And because he could not keep up with a large number of fans, he hid his face with a white mask so that no one could recognize him, but one day without warning, the young man Aka Manto died, it is said that it is likely that while hiding in the last stall of a female bath to escape from his fans, he died Somehow no one knows her.

After his death, Aka Manto returned to the satanic evil figure of Rouge and promised an ugly death to anyone who enters the last booth in any female bathroom, which is the same booth in which he died.

The red robe appears in front of his victim, wearing a red cloak and a white mask that conceals his face, and before killing his victim, he asks her a question: "Which do you prefer, the red cloak or the blue cloak?" Or, he asks her, “Which do you prefer, the red toilet paper or the blue toilet paper?” “

If the victim chooses the red color, Aka Manto slaughters his victim, rips out his throat, and ends the killing by removing his head completely from his body, then cleansing the victim's blood completely, unless their clothes actually become red because of the blood and make them appear as if they are wearing red clothes.

If the victim chooses the color blue, then he suffocates him until his body and face turn blue and thus the victim dies asphyxiated.

And if someone thinks they are smart and chooses another color that splits the ground and swallows it and if the victim decides to choose yellow, Aka Manto shoves his face into the toilet, making it yellow like urine,. and then kills them in the end. In some accounts, it is said that the red-robed hand comes out from a non-toilet seat to suffocate the victim.

According to legend, the only way to escape the dark fate that awaits you is to choose no color.

There are many differences in the myth, the most famous of which is the story of two police officers investigating information about a strange man hiding and lurking in a women's bathroom in schools. This happened after one of the students heard the voice of a strange man saying, "Should we wear a red jacket?" “

The policeman waited outside, the policewoman went to the toilet and heard the same question from the same man again. “Should we wear a red jacket? “

The police officer yelled, wanting to get over the command, "Well wear it!" Suddenly, a loud shout was heard, followed by a sudden boom. The police officer ran inside, opened the door, and was horrified by what he saw. The police officer was found beheaded, and the police jacket she wore was red and bloodstained.

4 - The Inokashira Park Curse

In the center of Tokyo, the Japanese capital, there is a very beautiful public park in which lovers meet, but its story is strange and very scary. This garden is full of trees and flowers and has stunning views that fascinate the eyes. It is considered the favorite place for lovers to meet and spend romantic times. Any place you like, but do not approach one place and do not enter it, which is the lake in the park so that the love between you does not turn into hatred and some and ends up separating you.

According to the popular belief spread in Japan, every two lovers who take the boat and enter for the blessing end up with them, either in divorce or separation, and the end of love and love.

This myth goes back hundreds of years and its reason is "Penzaitine". Benzaiten is one of the seven goddesses of fortune in Hinduism and is known as the goddess of love and thinking. For Buddhists, she is the patron of wealth, literature, and music. She is also the embodiment of femininity and love. The journey of her worship began in Japan in the sixth and eighth centuries AD, and it is widespread in Japanese popular culture that she was spying following ponds and lakes and watching lovers when they met in these lakes, and Penzaitine would feel jealous of the lovers who ride in boats, and for this reason, she decided to put her curse on every two lovers and spouses who entered For Inokashira Park Lake,

Among the strange events that happened in this garden is what happened on the morning of April 23, 1994, when the garden worker discovered a trash can and it contained something he could not imagine. A human being lacking only the head, chest, and genitals. The corpse was identified as the corpse of a 35-year-old architect, the body was cut into 20 cm pieces using a power saw, and the muscle was carefully cut. After that, the flesh was carefully washed and all its blood drained;