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His wife deserted him. Go bankrupt. The story of the developer of the game Pupg


Whether you like video games or not, you must have heard the name of the game PUBG. I personally have not played it, not once in my life, but I was curious to search for the history of the game, its foundations, and how this game became famous with such terrible speed.

PUBG game developer

The developer of the game PUBG is Brendan Greene, an Irish national. He was born in Ballyshannon, Ireland in 1976, meaning that he is now 43 years old. The place where he grew up is an Irish camp called Curragh, an army camp in Ireland. After years of study, he completed his graduation from the local college of Ireland in the arts the beautiful.

Green's working life, in fact, had nothing to do with Vedic Games, as his work was initially a DJ and also worked as a photographer, and the period in which he began to approach the world of development was in 2013, in Brazil specifically in São Paulo, and when he was in the thirties, while he was Brazil, he fell in love with a Brazilian girl and they married Indeed, he moved to live with her in Brazil, but what was destined happened between them, and problems occurred between them that no one knows the details of because he never mentioned them in the press interviews. The divorce took place between them. Green was at that time bankrupt, so much so that he did not have the money to buy a plane ticket to return to his country, Ireland.

He had a daughter from his wife and his relationship with his daughter was very intense. So much so that he often mentions him in his Twitter tweets. After his divorce, he decided that he would not marry, and all he would think about is work and then work until his bank account had ten numbers, and his expectations were really correct.

When he returned to his country, he decided to study the basics of development and the basics and basics of video games, especially games created by other developers. Years later, he bought a plane ticket to South Korea in Seoul. To contact the video game company, Bluehole, and ask them all his ideas regarding the game he intends to develop. Indeed, the members of the company were very impressed with his ideas and dramatic touches on the events of the game, and thus the partnership between Green and Bluehole took place.

Some may think that the game PUBG was the first game developed by Green, but in fact, he made many games ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale and the great game Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, but it did not succeed the success he had imagined.

And 2016 was the year that PUBG was launched

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Unknown Players on the Battlefield)

The gameplay is very simple. 100 players collectively enter a specific area in the map and upon launch, all players are equal, without weapons or ammunition, and sometimes without even clothes. When you reach the ground, the countdown begins to collect weapons, ammunition, and everything you can use in battle to stay alive. The thing that makes the game more difficult and prevents players from hiding and waiting. It is that the playing area shrinks continuously due to the so-called "zone", and all the players outside this area will lose, and who will remain inside the area until the end without dying will be the winner.

In September 2017, PUBG broke a record that no game had ever reached before it was having 1,342,857 players online at the same time, and with this record, it disqualified the Dota 2 game, which held the title.

It has also reached the point that it has become the best-selling and most active game on the Steam platform

In a very short period of time, the game achieved incredible success. He left a lot of competitors in shock, and it was the game that would make him rich and famous at the same time. In just a few months of his launch, Brendan made a fortune estimated at $ 200 million.

The number of people who have played Pubg has now reached more than 400 million players. The number of PUBG players every month is about 227 million players and 20 million online players are present in the game every day and this is the population of an entire country and the game was downloaded in the IOS system about 240 million downloads and 50 million copies of the game were sold on all available platforms, and for the largest percentage of players around the world, the first country was China, 33%, 11% from America, and the third country is India 8%.

Total game revenue has reached more than 2 billion dollars.

One of the strange things about Brendan and this information may shock PUBG players. It is despite his development of the game, but he does not like to play it and said that he does not prefer to sit down and play the game of Peggy. Just like Mark, I'm sure he's not sitting around all day browsing either Facebook or Instagram.

From the severity of people's addiction to the game, Green said the game developer that death threats have come to him from players from various around the world, and the reason is the updates made by the company on the game. This is normal in any program, application, or site in the world. But these players did not like it, so they sent messages threatening to kill him and to repeat the game as it was.

Also one of the shocking pieces of information about this game. For example, Apple spends 1.8 billion dollars of its total budget every year on one thing, which is advertising. Imagine this astronomical amount is allocated only to advertising. But the game PUBG, how much do you imagine it spent in exchange for reaching this world fame? How many fifty million dollars, for example, the truth is that it spent $ 0, the company did not spend a single dollar for advertisements. The first start that gave impetus to the wheel of success is a very simple thing and had a fabulous effect. It was a tweet on Twitter. Perhaps the value of this simple tweet is now worth millions. The game's developers, on their Twitter account, wrote only one change, in which they invited Counter-Strike players to try the game, which they said at the time was 55% similar to Counter-Strike Go.

The terrible spread of the game and its severe impact on the players, especially on children, called on some countries to ban the game permanently, as happened in India in March of this year when the Indian government decided to ban PUBG in the Indian state of Gujarat because of the addiction it causes and the amount of violence in it.