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Harry Houdini, the wizard who went crazy in America.

Harry Houdini, the wizard who went crazy in America.

Siegfried and Roy, Ricky Jay-Ben, Tyler, David Blaine, David Copperfield, The Amazing Jonathan, Chris Angel, all the names I mentioned to you are the names of the world's most famous light players and magicians. The interesting thing is that all these players and magicians in the world have a role model and a personality that they consider their godfather and wish to reach him, and he is Harry Houdini, the story of this person is closer to the magical imagination that no one knew the secret of his tricks, but the strangest. In his story is the way he died and the myths that weaving about the incident.

Harry Houdini, a magician, and famous artist and real name of his birth, Eric Wise, was born on March 24, 1874, in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which is now Hungary for a Jewish family, where his father, Mayer Wise, was a Jewish rabbi and his mother, Cecilia Steiner, had six other brothers, the seventh in the family, Houdini moved with his family as a child to live in America specifically in,

Oh Hallelujah until this story its hero was forced to travel to America the last episode she downloaded is to the director of Google the young Indian who traveled to Mikaa and succeeded and before it to the founder of Lipton Tea who moved to America and succeeded and I said literally in the video tea Lipton, I want to know your comment on this for why most of the successful world figures traveled to America answer me in the comments

Harry Houdini

At the age of 13, Houdini moved with his father to New York City, where he worked in jobs for the first time to help the family with living expenses, initially worked as a newspaper salesman and also worked as a street shoe shoemaker for some time, where he became an expert in the choice of locks and became an expert in closing the locks and also an expert in closing the locks and hallelujah this guest from which he earned only a few dollars will be the reason why he made him a legend International in light games.

One day Rodini watched a magical show and admired him very much, he became reading about magic games and games of lightness throughout history when his time was empty and not working and on October 28, 1883, when he was only nine years old, he thought of setting up a mini circus with some of his friends and doing some acrobatic swings, wearing red woolen covers and called himself "Irish, Prince of The Air".

In 1887, after a series of failed rabbinical appointments in the American Midwest, Houdini's father decided to travel to New York and take his son with him, but they found nowhere to live, and at first, they found a shelter, a place where they stayed for a long time until they found work to pay for the cost of living,

While Houdini wasn't working, he was really a good athlete who was good at swimming, boxing, and running, so he won a medal in one of the running competitions, and of course, since he loved and loved magic, he started developing his skills in it during his free time.

In 1894, he decided to start his career as a professional magician and the first thing he decided to do was change his name, Al Harry Houdini, as I told you before that Harry Houdini was born Eric Wise, but he decided to change his name, which was inspired by Jean Eugene Robert Houdin, who was a famous French magician in the 18th century.

Young Harry was always interested in magic and light games and always wanted to perform on stage and in front of the masses. At about the age of 17, he began to present a magic show with his brother Dash entitled "The Houdini Brothers", and this was his first magic show. Harry spent hours working on magic tricks and practicing quick hand movements. While Harry and his brother were working in Coney Island, Harry met a dancer named Velhelmina Beatrice Raner while performing, and they got married a year later to start making magic shows called "Houdini" and she turned her name on Bess Houdini.

Houdini began looking for magic shows and tricks that would make him famous, glory, and wealthy.

He discussed a lot, especially that he was reading to the person because he changed his name, yes, the famous French magician Eugene Robert Houdin, and he fell on a trick or a strange idea.
The idea is that he's tying himself up in chains and locks in a way that you'd say is impossible to open.

He was so smart that he invited police officials to every show he did on stage to check him out and to show people that he was not doing anything and that everything he did was real. And being a very accomplished magician who could hide every evidence that would show that it was a trick when he was undressing to carry out a trick of his tricks in front of the public, he sometimes hid a small piece of thick skin on the soles of the foot and this spot in the skin is not usually inspected in 1908 Hoodini did a strange trick which is that he was locked in a large iron milk box but within only three minutes managed to escape

He became so famous that he entered the world of cinema in 1918 when he filmed his first film in 1901, entitled Merveilleux Exploits du Célébre Houdini Paris, in which he documented the challenges he was performing, as he appeared in other films, which he appeared in other films, namely,

"The grim game, terror island, Haldane of the secret service, the master mystery " the man from beyond. In 1923, he became president of Martinka, America's oldest light game company, and he did not stop at films.

Miracle Mongers and Their Methods in 1920 and
A Magician Among the Spirits in 1924.
And he eventually got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Now to the strange way Houdini died, which was the subject of controversy about this character.
Several weeks before Houdini's death, an accident occurred with him during a show in New York on October 11, 1926, when he was handcuffed and chained in the show, he suffered a fractured left ankle, doctors told him that he had to stop the performances but he did the opposite on October 22, 12 days after the accident,
He invited some Mcgill students to visit him in his dressing room at the Princess Theatre and while he was walking and limping because of his broken ankle, at one point a student named J. Gordon Whitehead asked him if it was true that he could resist the cruel punches on his stomach, and he said yes, surely and confidently, he told him to try it out at a moment when Houdini was not ready to receive "four or five blows to his abdomen, according to a student who was the witness to the story." Houdini was badly hurt, but he didn't give that pain any value and attention, and he didn't know the punches had caused him a disaster in his gut.
On the same evening of the incident, the signs of pain began to appear on Houdini, specifically a sharp in the stomach.
The next day, he fell collapsed after finding his presentations, and he was taken to the hospital to find out after surgery that he suffered a ruptured appendix, which got to punch the student ruptured the appendix caused him severe poisoning in his body and died on October 31st.
Some have linked his death to the spirits, mediators, and charlatans that Houdini was fighting and revealing their claims of contact with the dead and the other world and as mere crooks, who may have been behind his death.
In their 2006 autobiography, "The Secret Life of Houdini," authors William Kaluch and Larry Sloman confirmed that the magician's death may have been a carefully planned assassination by members of the spiritual community. They wrote: "If one suspects Houdini is a victim of malicious play, the Organized Crime Section, which consisted of fraudulent spirit media, must be considered a potential suspect." Kloch and Sloman argue that the spiritualists have a history of poisoning their enemies, and noted that no autopsy was performed to confirm that Houdini's death was in fact due to appendicitis. They concluded that "if someone is determined to poison Houdini, it will not be too difficult."

And this was the story of Houdini, the godfather of all the famous so-called magic.