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Book Who Move My Cheese


Book Who Move My Cheese

Let's imagine with each other a person to call him Youssef, 21 years old who does not do anything in his life except sleep and spend time with his friends, and from his habit that he wakes up every day to find 50 dollars under the pillow, of course, his mother is the one who puts it for him. Ok, let's imagine that it went on for 10 years in the same way. Every time he woke up, he found 50 dollars under the pillow. The matter for him became a given, meaning that he had to find it there every day and he could not imagine his day without the 50 dollars that he found under the pillow.

Ok, what would happen if one day came and Joseph woke up and did not find 50 dollars? !! Most likely, he will get angry, mad, and maybe shocked because his life depended on that amount, and the same will happen to him as a cocaine addict when he does not find his dose.

Do you know what happened to Joseph? Quite simply, he was not ready for change, he did not think that a day would come and he would not find the fifty dollars. He did not plan what he would do if he raised the pillow and found a void.

A lot of people among them you badly need to read this book especially if you are going through crises, difficult times and drastic changes in your life, or at least prepare for big changes in your life before they happen, perhaps a book Who Moved My Cheese will definitely give you at least the end of the thread.
Book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, who was born in Mitchell (South Dakota) This person is a lioness in psychology. And his doctorate from the Royal College of Surgeons in England, and his most famous book in the world is this book, which was published in 1998, which, by the way, entered the New York Times best-seller list.

One day, both the mice and the dwarves found a path full of cheese as they found the cave of Ali          Baba, so they were happy and flew with joy ... What matters is that they kept it every day they came to the corridor and took cheese. Corridor, Howe would write some phrases on the walls at Cheese Station, such as "I love my cheese". As for the mice, they were recording how much cheese was left in the aisle because they knew that one day the stock would run out. One day the two mice woke up early and went to the past. They did not find any cheese. Why, the dwarfs' brain paralyzed, did not understand the situation, they do not believe .. !!! There is no cheese? Here the dwarf Hem shouted angrily: “Who moved my cheese? And the story begins, full of judgment that I am sure will benefit you in your life.

The greater wisdom of this book is that you should expect many things to change in your life, your friends will change on you, a dear person may abandon you and leave you in shock, fired from the job without warning, stealing your bank account ... The idea of the book is that it gives you a way of thinking so that you can From keeping up with the change and not sitting in your place crying and mourning about what happened because what happened has happened and life continues if you accept the change that happened to you.
Some people may think of that change as the biggest calamity that happened in their life, but sometimes when you accept the reality and trade it will feel that it is not as bad as you think. Trust me, I tried this matter. All you have to do is to continue your path and not be like a dwarf, stay in your place in the maze, but rather you must get up and look for another cheese cat in another place.
The best example of this is the success story of big businessmen who were expelled from their job like a carpenter who suddenly woke up to find that the manager fired him and over time became a real estate man, a millionaire.