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502, the room in which everyone who entered it died


15-20 thousand years ago, an epidemic of tuberculosis appeared among humans, it was called in the past Pott's disease, and its effects were found in very old mummies. Neither the poor nor the rich were spared from this disease. Even the kings of England and France were struck by the epidemic and suffered from it to the extent that it called tuberculosis at that time the nickname King's evil,

Scientists did not find a cure for this disease, so until the eighteenth, nineteenth, and even twentieth centuries, it was called white appeals or white death because it was the location of one of the most important causes of death among humans. From the Middle Ages, tuberculosis was considered the first health problem in the list of diseases and epidemics, for example in France in 1918 was Tuberculosis is responsible for the death of one person and it took one out of every six people. In England, specifically in 1815, one person out of four died due to tuberculosis, and no one knew the secret of this disease and its main cause until the German scientist (Robert Koch) could decipher the code Tuberculosis disease and its main cause, and because of this sufficiency, he was awarded the Nobel Medicine in 1905.

You may now be asking what article title Room 502 relates to TB

In the United States of America, specifically in the state of Kentucky in Jefferson County, there is one of the strangest American clinics, which have spawned many scary and terrifying stories. Therefore, those who fear the best stop reading the article.

In the American city of Louisville, there is a huge and very old building and it is clear from the outside that it is deserted. This building consists of five floors. Just seeing this building at night is enough to enter the atmosphere of fear and dread into your heart. But if you are alone and only hear the sounds of cats, you may need to clean yourself.

The building of the income is deserted and is very similar to the buildings and houses that we see in horror movies or video games. The decision to close it and evict everyone in it was made for a strange reason, and this reason is what gave this frightening building its fame.

In fact, this building was a clinic or for patients with tuberculosis to be isolated in it. With the end of the First World War in the twenties, thousands of American soldiers returned from the battlefield in Europe with various kinds of wounds, diseases, and epidemics. A terrifying wave of the epidemic exploded quickly, spreading in America at a tremendous speed. The city of Willville in Kentucky was the most prevalent area due to the large swamps in it, and the clinic was considered at that time the largest tuberculosis treatment clinic in the United States, accommodating more than 400 patients.

Although Robert Koch discovered the causes of the disease, which is the tuberculosis virus, the problem is that the cause is known, but where is the medicine, tuberculosis was a fatal disease that kills most of the victims and there was a way to cure it, but it is not guaranteed of course and it is made up of fresh air and sunlight. Tuberculosis is on a bed, directing it to the sun, and always inhaling fresh air. They force patients from their beds and place them near the window. They used to put them in either a large window that was wide open, even in winter, the snow would go down, and the temperature would go below zero, they would leave the window open, even if they were shivering from the cold. The treatment method was as if it were an old torture method.

And because the clinic was relatively far from the population, it was located at the head of a hill. Doctors were using the opportunity to conduct experiments on patients and select the patient who had reached the final stages of tuberculosis and were terrifying experiences, such as removing some of the bones of the patient's rib cage in order to make the lungs fill More air and also records of hospital A showed that the doctors were inflating an air balloon in the patient’s lungs so that he could breathe and they did so without any permission from the patient’s family or even permission from the state to do these experiments. Sometimes when they opened the rib cage they left it open to be exposed to Lung x-ray.

In a seven-year period of these secret experiments, the records showed that more than 64,000 patients died because of this heinous method, and because the clinic was relatively far from people, no one knew what was going on there, so the doctors or butchers were doing their experiments while they were comfortable. Some people said they saw ghosts. She frequented the sanatorium's rooms, specifically in the loaf of number 502, which is the room that became famous: More than the clinic itself was famous for being the place where doctors used to conduct their experiments and that everyone who entered him would go out dead to throw his body. This room was also the place where you sleep. The nurses and the strange thing in the story are that everyone who lived in it died in one common way, which is that they hanged themselves.

In 1928 the room was inhabited by a young nurse who was not married yet. After a short period of time, she and her tendencies found her hanging in room No. 502. She remained hanging in the room a long time before they found her. When her body was autopsied, the doctors discovered that she was pregnant and no one knew the reason for her deviation. to today.

Four years after the accident, another nurse came to live in the same room, and one night she left her room and laid on the roof of the building to throw herself and commit suicide. The reason for her suicide remains unknown to this day and the common thing in all who committed suicide is that they all lived in room 502.

A small percentage of patients who were cured were discharged from the unlucky ones, and they are the largest percentage. Their corpses were transported to an underground tunnel under the sanatorium a hundred and fifty meters long to the end of the hill where there is a small gate from which the bodies of the dead with tuberculosis are taken out. They used to drag the dead bodies down the tunnel-like someone who pulled the dead Eid sheep, then they were thrown and piled up with the other corpses, so they would drag them or roll them like barrels down the tunnel to stack them with the rest of the bodies.

After rumors spread among the people about the torture of patients taking place in the hospital, the authorities intervened to investigate the matter and ended up closing the clinic permanently in 1981 following a scandal related to the torture and abuse of patients.

Some of those who visited the place said that they saw the ghost of a young girl dressed in nurses' clothes as she entered room No. 502, and when they followed her, they found the room completely empty.

Because of the building's fame for the events that take place in it, two films were made about it, including the movie “Spooked” produced in 2004 (it is a real documentary of adventurers who entered the building to explore it) and the second film, Death Tunnel, produced in 2005, talks about 5 girls and a young man who will decide to enter the hospital to have events for them Never expect it.

Of course, some may ask whether these stories are real. It doesn't have to be true, of course, this article is just to enjoy raising some adrenaline with fear, it is as if you will watch a horror movie and you know that what is in the movie is not real, but you enjoy what it contains.