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ElMobashir v6.6.7


ElMubashir v6.6.7 android  ElMubashir_IV_beta_windows

A simple definition of the application and how it works:
Direct application is an application to watch channels, movies, serials, programs and anime
Direct application does not depend on any specific broadcast source. And it does not have anything fixed, it is synchronous with what is new and busy and every time you find new additions or additions hidden. Each extension relates to a specific source. There are extras that have not stopped for several months.
For the first time with different quality and sources of many channels bein sport osn art canal ..... and many are constantly updated.

The app does not update its channels one by one. Do not worry, that job we know is boring and will not keep us going. We are happening in a new way. We update the app by programming how it gets broadcast.

There are some hidden sections.
IPTV Genrators
Click on the top three and then click Settings and then click Start button and select
execute commad
You will be asked to enter the command.

Paste this:
showpack ("iptvgenerators")
And press the RUN button
And then it will show you down.


Each generator needs a small service and is to get the code from the site. Of course the application will show the site. Just skip the cappa and copy the information from the site.
For example, the first generator will give you the link and copy it and then close the page and enter the generator again and will work normally
The second generator does not have a link, but the information and password. Try copying the two lines together from the site. The two lines are almost as follows
username: xxxxxxxx
password: xxxxxxxx
Copy them together and close the page and then re-enter the generator and work normally
Important note: I think many can not take these steps, making it broadcast more stable.

** Supports Arabic, French and English languages ​​and in addition
** Smart Link or Smart Link - Now you can share any channel with a friend and send SmartLink to the channel or movie
** One button which has four floors down - Cancel any switch in the middle - Back to back - Stop loading if I saw it delayed - DoubleClick and return to the main page
** Put an abbreviation for anything - put a shortcut to the extension on your desktop as if you had four applications - the size is nil;)
** Favorites - It seems tired when you are looking for a particular channel and have no way to save it to our favorite place to put anything you prefer and also support the order of favorites in the sections you create
** Remot Control is fully supported - Click on Mony creates a public moni and one of its components Moni of the channel selected
** The style can change the background color
** For the first time zoom technology works great - you can magnify things - for example you have a large screen and the sounds look small or the reverse - this is still a beta technology, it does not hold everything but only ninety percent of things
** Update extensions now become silent and are automatically updated
** Tools - The application now supports a few tools that have certain tasks such as the operation of IPTV links ,,,
** Now no longer need to press the mouse button to update the page enough to go down and do a direct update
** Quick search and normal search

Direct Application 5th edition of Android:
elMubashir v5.3 - android
The activation code for some closed sections in the application is:
Note - This version does not contain a fully supported engine
Application Download Link:

Who is looking for a computer version - Windows - from here: