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Shadow-Fight-2-v2.0.4 Apk


Shadow-Fight-2-v2.0.4  Apk

Shadow Fight apk full

Shadow Fight hacke

MOD v1: ( NEW )
weak enemy
- To freeze the enemy: once the enemy can jump, hit him and he freezes. If you jump and you hit in an exceedingly jump, you, too, can freeze
If you’re not accustomed to the franchise, it’s a astonishingly deep series of mobile fighters. It’s set directly once the events of the previous game, and sees you build your own absolutely customisable character.
You’ll outfit your fighter with instrumentation, perks, and special skills – further as align yourself to at least one of the 3 factions, every of that has its own fighting vogue.
And there’s a large amount of content to tackle. From a extended main journey, to procedurally generated quests, and on-line battles.
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