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Prayer Now Azan Prayer Time & Muslim Azkar v6.0.0


Prayer Now Azan Prayer Time & Muslim Azkar v6.0.0

Download Islamic application for following prayer times and taking note of the prayer Prayer currently Azan Prayer Time The paid version of automaton Latest update!
An integrated Islamic application that features many spiritual characteristics within the lifetime of a Muslim.
Features of Ramadan: -
Conclusion, the property of reading and protection the Quran in Ramadan.
A cannon to prompt you of mealtime.
The property of the mysteries to prompt the date of Suhur.
Basic Prayer Features: -
View prayer times and mechanically update them.
Warning of prayer before a brief time.
Set the Qiblah direction accurately and simply.
The possibility of hearing the ears of the voices of the many mourners.
Other prayer features: -
View prayer timings and alerts within the kind of mini applications.
Explain the prayer and show the pillars of ablutions and clarify them with photos.
Enable silent mode throughout prayer.
Close the ears once the phone activates the screen.
Learn about prayer times altogether countries of the globe.
Methods of hard the time per the beliefs with the addition of the Hanafi doctrine of the Asr prayer.

Characteristics of the religious writing and also the Remembrance: -
Identify and prompt the daily Lord of the Quran.
Set the reminder on the phone screen.
It is provided with a spread of various adverbs.

Application Information:
Company: Approcks Dev Iraqi National Congress.
Application Type: modus vivendi
Version: 6.0.0
Compatibility: four.1 and on top of
Application size: forty five MB
Price: the total paid application is accessible without charge

Prayer Now Azan Prayer Time & Muslim Azkar v6.0.0 Premium